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  1、one day someone will walk into your life, then you realize love was always worth waiting for. 当那个人和你的生命在某天交汇,你一定会恍然,真爱就是如此值得期待。
  2、use your smile to change the world. don't let the world change your smile. 用你的笑容去改变这个世界,别让这个世界改变了你的笑容。
  3、to forgive is not to forget, nor remit, but let it go; to be lonely is not because you have no friends, but no one is living in your heart. 宽恕,原谅并不代表忘记或者赦免,而是放自己一条生路。孤单不是因为没有朋友,而是没有人住在你心里。
  4、love like time, eternal and transient; love is like water, the vast magnificent but ordinary.爱像时间,永恒不变而又短暂;爱像流水,浩瀚壮阔却又普普通通。
  5、send a copy of my resume to you, i want you to learn more about me. to know your partner all sizes, you should be able to buy any clothes for him.寄一份我的简历给你,我想让你更多地了解我。要知道你伴侣所有的尺码,你应该能够为他购买任何衣物。
  6、i'm willing to be able to turn into a butterfly, even if only to survive three days in the summer is enough ... the joy i get in three days than usual than 50 years.我真愿意我们能够变成蝴蝶,哪怕只在夏季里生存3天也就够了……我在这3天中所得到的快乐要比平常50年还要多。
  7、this is courage in a man: to bear unflinchingly what heaven sends. 真正的勇气是:无所畏惧地接受上天给你的一切。
  8、you know ,one loves the sunset, when one is so sad…你知道的,当一个人情绪低落的时候,他会格外喜欢看日落…
  9、brain: last time you got hurt! 大脑对心说:还去,上次你不是受过伤了么!
  10、as a person, if do not have experienced the world grief at separation and joy in union, not fought grips with the battle of life, it is impossible to understand the meaning of life.作为一个人,要是不经历过人世上的悲欢离合,不跟生活打过交手仗,就不可能懂得人生的意义。
  11、i don't think that when people grow up.conversely,i think it's a selecting process,knowing what's the most important and what's the least. and then be a simple man.人的心智成熟是一个逐渐剔除的过程,知道自己最重要的是什么,知道不重要的东西是什么。而后,做一个纯简的人。
  12、although the internet age, but the handwritten love letter is always not a substitute for, do not just send an email, that is not enough!虽然是网络时代了,可是手写的情书是永远都替代不了的,不要只发一封email,那不够!
  13、you ask i love you is worth,actually you should know,love is to ask worth not worth it.你问我爱你值不值得,其实你应该知道,爱就是不问值不值得。
  14、can i hold your hand. no. but why? because it'll hurt when you let go.-我可以牵你的手么?-不可以。-给个理由先。因为,有天你一旦放手,它们就会受伤。
  15、but i'm kind of comfortable with getting older because it's better than the other option, which is being dead. so i'll take getting older.--george clooney. 对于“变老”,我基本无所谓,因为好歹比另外一个选项,挂掉,更好吧,所以我还是选变老喽。
  16、when a girl is quiet and doesn’t say a word, that’s when she needs you the most.当一个女生安静得不说一句话时,就是她最需要你的时候。
  17、life is wonderful, it is not how much you remember, but you forget how many, only walk while forget, to go further. ——人生的精彩,不是你铭记多少,而是你淡忘多少,唯有边走边忘,才能走得更远。
  18、when you think you’re not happy with your life, always remember that someone is happy simply because you exist.当你觉得生活不开心时,记住有人仅仅因为有你而开心。
  19、you never know how much she loves you who thinks too much about you. 你永远都不会知道,为你乱想的人有多么爱你。
  20、everything can change in the blink of an eye. but don't worry; god never blinks.事情或许会在眨眼之间发生变化,但是不用担心,上帝从不眨眼。
  21、don't live in someone else's mouth, don't live in someone else's eyes, but with the destiny in their own hands.——不要活在别人的嘴里,不要活在别人的眼里,而是把命运握在自己手里。
  22、lose your pride, lose your patience, and lose your mind. but, whatever you do, don’t lose hope.可以不再骄傲,可以失去耐心,可以丧失理智,但是无论如何,都不要丢掉希望。
  23、we should live by mentality rather than mood. 人生不能靠心情活着,而要靠心态去生活。
  24、many people have caught my eye, but only you have caught my heart.很多人吸引了我的眼球,但是只有你抓住了我的心。
  25、you can change your life if you want to. sometimes, you have to be hard on yourself, but you can change it completely.有志者事竟成。有时虽然劳其筋骨,但是命运可以彻底改变?!短贫僮啊?br>  【英文伤感的句子说说心情不好】

  25 years ago, please remember that love is usually false, or not as pure and eternal as you imagine. if you are 25 years old, then you should understand this truth.
  in many times, unhappiness is not due to the lack of happiness, but because of the living is not simple.
  good man is this extensive and profound book more fascinated; good woman is wang crystal clear spring the more taste of the more. man is a car, not only will be open will also be repaired; a woman is a cup of tea, not only to drink but also the product.
  i always hold this idea: even i was touched by their own, she has what reason not to be moved by me? but the pursuit of perseverance can only prove that you are a persistent person, only this.
  hero don't ask the way, the rogue don't see age!
  good wind, blows my hair, blew your wig.
  life is an empty city, full of love cast spells on people.
  taiwan on the day not to recover, but i was just 4 grade!
  it's hard to love someone, and it's harder to give up on someone you love.
  not what big ideal, can only hope that one family happy kang kang, happy, happy together is good.
  a long time ago, many times we pass, henceforth. i won't miss and hand in hand you the opportunity, because love you, so willing, willing to go to the heart, to cherish, you exist in my life. falling in love with you is the beauty of my life.
  flowers flowers often do not belong to the people, but belongs to the cow dung.
  cut off contact, off the miss, the last hope have huifeiyanmie, heart is tired, pain? do not understand.
  goodbye, the tragedy of my youth, you young.
  past shades, such as color clear, light. after years of feeling, the net as a mirror, has been quiet.
  sometimes, we do something wrong, because the use of the feelings when the brain.
  the thought of a pig and a man's thought. if the pig has the thought, it is not a pig - it is eight quit!
  always think, bed, spread too neat, there will be little dignity mean. well, it is messy, more vibrant.
  the years fell to the bustling, blood stained armor, who can you rule the world?
  if a person's feelings get to know, then another person will go to the terrible hell.
  sometimes, looks cruel, turns over to think, also is a kind of compassion.
  a ning yi, suddenly look back, not fit to be seen covered all over with cuts and bruises.
  love is always a bondage, the pursuit of love is not equal to the pursuit of freedom. because love a person, knowing that will lose the freedom, also willingly so.
  the man is the woman's wing, the woman is the man's feather.
  often asked myself, who has not yet doubled my reward.
  i just want to have a person can always accompany me to go, do not need to be slow, just a long time.
  if a man does not help you in the dress, you give him a robe.


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